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Laura is the visionary CEO of Team Hernandez, boasting a successful career that began in 2006. With a career spanning over a decade and a half, Laura has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead and inspire. Throughout the years, she has honed a deep understanding of the intricacies of the real estate market and cultivated valuable connections within the industry.

With Laura’s visionary leadership, the team has thrived, consistently delivering exceptional results for clients. Her ability to inspire and mentor team members has fostered a culture of excellence, ensuring that every client receives the highest level of service.


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6 BIG Reasons to Call Team Hernandez to Help You:

  1. We Have Buyers in Waiting: We have over 5,000 Buyers in Waiting in our Database. Your home may already be SOLD!
  2. Your Home Will Sell for More Money: It's a fact that homes we list sell for 5.59% more in sales price when compared to your average agent--This means real dollars in your pocket.
  3. Your Home Will Sell Faster: Per GNIAR MLS, the average agent sells a home in 79 days while our average time for selling a home is only 35 days!
  4. Your Home is More Likely to Sell: Manny and Laura Hernandez have a 93% success rate in selling homes vs. the average agent's 60% success rate.
  5. We Sell More Homes: We sell over 40x more homes than your average agent. Because we sell more homes, we can do more for you. We can market and advertise more diligently to ensure your success. In fact, we're willing to buy a buyer's home so they can buy yours.
  6. We offer Performance Guarantees to our Clients.
Our team structure is built on each team member specializing in different areas of the home buying and selling process which allows us to give our clients exceptional service. Our systems, processes, and strategies change the way real estate is sold. Unlike the typical real estate agent, we back up our word with accountability- performance guarantees.

Team Hernandez is an award-winning team in Northwest IN and works hard for clients to remain among the top professionals in the real estate industry.

Call Manny for a No Obligation, Estimate of your home's value- 219-613-3567.

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Team Hernandez is an awarding winning team in Northwest IN and works hard for clients to remain among the top professionals in the real estate industry.

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