Things to Do in Schererville

Things to Do in Schererville

Homes in Schererville have plenty of promise, with each property basking in its unique vantage point of stunning wetlands and rows of beautiful trees. Here, many homes come with generous yards, offering residents their personal oasis of greenery. What adds to Schererville's allure is its peaceful residential character, where the din of the city feels like a distant memory. Yet, for those moments when the urban buzz is missed, Chicago's vibrant heart is just an hour away. The balance Schererville strikes between tranquility and accessibility makes it a tempting choice for potential homeowners.

Hoosier Prairie State Nature Preserve

135 E Main St, Schererville, IN

The Hoosier Prairie State Nature Preserve is a part of the revered Indiana Dunes National Park. This preserve spans 1,547 acres and safeguards one of the Midwest's few remaining expanses of prairie habitat. As you walk amidst the tall grasses, you can feel the weight of time and history beneath your feet, reminding you of the pristine landscapes that once covered vast swathes of the region. For those keen on exploring, the preserve is a haven with its gentle terrain, complemented by well-developed walking trails that invite both casual strollers and avid hikers. A visit to the Hoosier Prairie is a journey into the soul of the Midwest's natural heritage.

Explore the bike trails

The adventurous at heart will feel right at home in Schererville, with biking adventures galore. The Pennsy Greenway Trail promises a 2.1-mile adventure along a path that spans 28 acres of glorious open space. The Schererville section of the trail stretches from Peter G. Redar Memorial Park and downtown Schererville to Rohrman Park, offering amazing views and tons of fun along the way.

JAK's Warehouse

221 Indianapolis Blvd, Schererville, IN

Regarding family-friendly entertainment, JAK's Warehouse is an epicenter of excitement. It is an indoor family fun center designed to cater to adventurers of all ages. Here, you can dive into exhilarating games of laser tag, race to your heart's content in go-karts, or challenge yourself on the iconic 'JAK'S Peak' rock wall.

But that's not all! Revel in the thrill of bumper cars, traverse the sky trail, or immerse yourself in the multi-sensory experience of the 4-D attraction, 'Dark Ride XD.' And for those who love the nostalgic charm of arcades, JAK's has you covered. Once the adventures have worked up an appetite, their full kitchen is ready to serve a medley of delicious offerings. At JAK's Warehouse, every moment is crafted to be an unforgettable one.

Up Your Alley

1048 US Highway 41, Schererville, IN

Spanning an impressive 50,000 square feet, Up Your Alley is Schererville's premier entertainment destination with adrenaline-pumping fun. It has an upscale restaurant and bar, serving culinary delights and refreshing beverages to keep you well-replenished for your fun day. The boutique bowling experience includes 20 state-of-the-art bowling lanes, but the fun doesn't stop there! Dive into a world of excitement with axe throwing, challenge friends in laser tag, strategize in Cybersport, or relive childhood memories with a vast array of arcades. Up Your Alley is the ultimate entertainment center, combining relaxation and revelry in the heart of Schererville.

Sky Zone

1035 Eagle Ridge Dr., Schererville, IN

At Sky Zone, gravity is merely a suggestion. Within the vibrant atmosphere of Sky Zone, visitors can experience the sheer joy of bouncing on freestyle trampolines, feeling the exhilaration with every jump and flip. For those who relish a challenge, the warrior course awaits, pushing limits and testing agility at every twist and turn. Dodgeball adds a splash of competitive spirit, where nimbleness and strategy come into play. And if that wasn't enough, the rock-climbing section invites novices and pros to scale new heights. Sky Zone is a playground for the young and the young at heart, ensuring every visit is packed with boundless energy and laughter.

Float Sixty

322 Indianapolis Blvd, Suite 108, Schererville, IN

Float Sixty is a modern wellness studio providing the therapeutic benefits of float and cryotherapy, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being. Experience the transformative power of whole-body cryotherapy, touted as the ultimate solution for muscle recovery. It relieves aching joints and muscles, making it a favorite among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. If mental peace is what you seek, immerse yourself in their float therapy. Floating in a warmed solution of water and Epsom salts, it's an unparalleled experience that not only releases physical tension but also provides a sanctuary for the mind, helping to shed stress and emerge revitalized. At Float Sixty, every session is a step towards a balanced and healthier you.

Teibel's Family Restaurant

1775 US Highway 41, Schererville, IN

For nine decades, Teibel's Family Restaurant has cemented its place in the hearts of countless diners. Known for its commitment to quality, this beloved dining spot prides itself on serving delectable, home-cooked meals that transport you to comforting memories of family gatherings. Inside, guests are greeted by a beautifully renovated dining room with a vintage vibe, exuding warmth and intimacy. Whether it's the laid-back charm of the café, the ice cream desserts that harken back to a vintage cafe, the elegance of the formal dining area adorned with white tablecloths, or the relaxed atmosphere of the lounge, there's a spot for every mood. For those grand occasions that demand exclusivity, Teibel's also boasts private banquet halls, perfect for creating memorable events. Every visit to Teibel's is a delightful foray into tradition, taste, and timeless hospitality.

Discover Schererville: Nature, fun, and tradition

Schererville, a picturesque town of gorgeous homes with a backdrop of scenic wetlands and wildlife, is a haven of delightful activities. From exploring nature's bounty in expansive prairies to indulging in adrenaline-packed indoor adventures and savoring delectable culinary traditions, there's something for everyone.

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